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We started implementation of ISO 9001:2015 QMS in October 2016. We tried several software including Effivity during our evaluation phase. We selected Effivity as per preferred ISO 9001 software because of its simplicity, pricing and support provided. We were able to be productive with the system in less than 10 days and in 2.5 months we had our first internal audit conducted with certification audit just completed and we are successful with just one minor NC and 2 observations. We have now a completely paperless QMS with Effivity. They also offered us complimentary pre-audit consulting free of cost which was a nice gesture from them. They are very pro-active in understanding needs of the subscribers and most of our recommendations were addressed in subsequent releases they had. I wish they offer custom forms and more visual representation in the software....we have already communicated this to them and i guess as always in next couple of months, this will also be taken care. Being into automobile field, we have very specific requirements for risk identification, customer complaints, non-conformity and documentation management. All of these were perfectly addressed by Effivity.

Chan Heng C
Associates Consulting Pte Ltd

Small companies especially Indian SME's require agile teams & members that can multi task. Instead of having a separate cost head for QA/QC, QMS, the software immediately helps bring in the "systems" culture. In a few months time people found that QMS isn't some one elses job but an important part of their own work scope. Immediately we find the process ownership rising, with only the fact that a very good, clutter free and easy software tool is at hand accessible on any device anywhere. This tool has reduced immensely the paperwork and is good at data display. Payoff is that customers find it very impressive and shows our commitment as a company to improve upon our systems. For our ISO9001:2015 certification, surprisingly my team waltzed through our certification audit because with Effivity they were pros! The auditors were astonished and we did that with basic QMS knowledge, without employing a consultant. Simply put, related to the task at hand, its a flexible tool which take out the burden of remembering all relevant documentation to be referred to and updating is a jiffy. Suddenly ISO/QMS/ HSE are not dreaded words.

Vaibhav Y
Pyrotech Engineers

Great software that lays out all ISO requirements to fill in. t helps guide implementing an ISO system, not just a software to house documents/records. My easy ISO provided a quick plan to launch a QMS. This is a great product that I would recommend to startups, or any size company looking to implement a QMS to meet ISO requirements.

Michelle F
Twist Bioscience

Hello, I'd like to thank you and your team on behalf of Gemini Plastics, Inc. We just finished our closing meeting for our ISO 9001:2015 Compliance audit and we are officially recommended for certification. Our audit went smoothly and the auditor was extremely impressed with how our system was so integrated and how everything he requested was so quickly accessible. The tools you provided us through Effivity were instrumental in our journey to compliance. During the closing meeting, the auditor told us that in his 30 years of auditing and working in quality control, our system was the best he has seen. This was coming from the most experienced, thorough, and detail oriented auditor we have ever met. What is also worth mentioning is that we only started working on this project in September. So me and the President of the company were able to work together part time on top of our normal roles and responsibilities over a span of only 7 months and were able to still blow away an auditor with our QMS. I feel that this would not have been possible without the tools available in Effivity. Thank you so much for your help!

Alex Beausoleil
Gemini Plastics, Inc.

We were looking for a user friendly software to simplify our ISO 9001 certification. We tried a couple of software applications in the past but did not meet our requirements and were very costly. We tried Effivity during 15 days free trial period and liked their clean and simple approach in enabling a user address all requirements of ISO 9001 standard. We also liked the capabilities of Effivity which goes beyond basic ISO compliance and extends to business improvement domain. We were surprised and delighted to find an actual QMS consultant assigned to us for onboarding and getting started with our QMS automation. If it can be offered in Russian language, it will be great and will open a great opportunity in our country.

Tony R
Qualilty Director

I absolutely love this software. Gained a huge new customer in the market and were able to begin our ISO Certification journey. Because of Effivity we were able to become ISO Compliant with a major world wide company we now receive multiple RFQ's and jobs on a weekly basis.

Brandon H
Manufacturing Engineer

User friendly and innovative. 1. lessen my paper works 2. easily maintained company system. 1. It's updated as per the convenience of user. 2. easy system monitoring 3. easy access at anytime and anywhere 4. can be access and updated by any authorized personnel 5. easy to maintain ISO 9001:2015 system

Lorraine B
Logistics and Supply Chain

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