Behaviour Based Safety Management

Preventing health and safety accidents such as injuries or workplace-related illnesses is the main reason for implementing an occupational health and safety management system rather than just doing the minimum required by applicable health and safety laws. So, you want to have a way to turn observations and discussions about risky behaviours in the workplace into actions that can prevent those behaviours from becoming accidents.

By collecting, monitoring and analysing data about behaviours that could present a risk to worker health and safety you can identify trends that need to be addressed in order to improve workplace safety and prevent worker injuries and illnesses. Behaviour-based safety is the way to work towards workplace accident prevention by proactively removing the risks rather than waiting for accidents to happen before correcting the root problem.

For a better way to prevent accidents, try a free trial of Effivity and implement behaviour-based safety software to help monitor your at-risk behaviours.

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Monitoring of risk behaviours the easy way

With Effivity you can remove at-risk behaviours by quickly and easily collecting all observation and discussion documentation in one place for easy analysis and assessment. You can then address those behaviours through proper preventive actions to improve safety on the job.

Use Effivity to improve behaviour-based safety by:

  • Collecting all behaviour data in one place for analysis
  • Prioritizing corrective actions to improve behaviour
  • Ensuring your methodology for assessing behaviours is consistent
  • Reducing safety incidents by proactively correcting behaviours
  • Identifying trends in behaviours that need correction
  • Eliminating unnecessary data input by allowing access on any device
  • Allowing configurable data configurations for multiple job types

Effivity helps you take the next step towards reducing your workplace accidents by investing in correcting at-risk behaviours before they cause workplace accidents.

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