Industrial Hygiene Management

Using hazardous chemicals and other agents in a workplace requires the best controls to prevent worker injury and illness, so finding the right control mechanism is critical to business success. You need a way to control worker exposure to hazardous agents such as biological agents, radiation emissions, airborne toxins or excessive noise if you want to safeguard the long-term health of your workforce.

When you have these environmental agents in your workplace, monitoring and control is your first line of defense against workplace injury and illness. Managing your industrial hygiene is a necessity to ensure workplace health and safety for business success.

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Safeguarding worker health and safety

With Effivity you have the industrial hygiene tools you need to properly manage, monitor and control the hazardous agents within your organisation that can cause workplace injury and illness. Controlling hazardous agents not only helps to safeguard the health and safety of your employees, it is also a legal requirement in many jurisdictions.

Effivity can improve your industrial hygiene program by:

  • Identifying all environmental stressors that need monitoring and control
  • Meeting legal requirements for hazardous agent control and monitoring
  • Simplifying management of worker exposure limits
  • Integrating sample plans into your process
  • Involving workers in the safe management and control of hazardous agents
  • Maintaining centralized control over your industrial hygiene data
  • Basing sampling on assessed exposure risk limits

Effivity makes it easy to monitor all hazardous agents within your facilities through integrated control of risk limits, exposure groups and workplace sampling to ensure that no worker is exposed to excess amounts of a hazardous agent beyond the safety limits. Managing all aspects of industrial hygiene enables you to safely use hazardous agents within your workplace while maintaining the overall health and safety of your workers.

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