Job Safety Analysis

How safe are the jobs that you are asking your employees to perform? Have you analyzed the hazards and risks associated with each job to improve worker health & safety? Using job safety analysis you can identify and manage what controls you need to reduce the risks and hazards of each job and make the job tasks safer to perform.

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With Effivity you can make risk reduction a priority across your organization by analysing the risks within each job, ensure that hazards and controls are easily communicated to the right people in a timely fashion so that worker safety can be maintained.

Use the job safety analysis software within Effivity to improve job task safety by:

  • Helping identify the hazards on individual job tasks
  • Recording the necessary controls to address job tasks hazards
  • Identifying training requirements for job hazards, risks and controls
  • Communicating risks and controls to employees easily
  • Prioritizing risk reduction activities to reduce risks
  • Evaluating hazard responses
  • Complying with legal and international standard requirements
  • Allowing easy visibility into workplace risks and hazards

Effivity allows you to easily identify risk, isolate job task hazards and communicate job controls to workers in one easy to access location. Know that people can always find the information they need to do the job safely with the job safety analysis software in Effivity.

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