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When employee medical information is part of your business, such as blood tests to monitor employee exposure to certain chemicals or hearing tests for noise exposure, you need a way to maintain the medical information you collect. Managing employee medical information to preserve workplace health and safety while still upholding employee confidentiality is a task that can take a lot of time if not done efficiently.

It is essential to efficiently manage your employee medical information and activities while still keeping accurate records, in order to adequately address the needs of your workers. Occupational health tracking can become essential to maintaining the health and safety of your employees.

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With Effivity you have a powerful tool to track all of the medical information and activities necessary to safeguard employee health while still limiting access to the information to those who truly need to review the data. Maintaining workplace health information has never been easier.

Effivity can improve your occupational health monitoring by:

  • Maintaining centralized control over your medical information
  • Ensuring confidentiality through controlled access to records
  • Scheduling data collection such as medical screenings, X-rays, immunizations and more
  • Linking employee health records to related injuries or illnesses
  • Ensuring modified work conditions as appropriate to worker medical information
  • Enabling efficient input of medical record data
  • Tracking completion of scheduled medical screenings

Effivity is your complete software package to monitor and control workplace health records for your entire workforce in a controlled and comprehensive manner. Worker confidentiality needs never be compromised to provide exceptional care to your employees for monitoring workplace medical exposures.

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