Safety Meetings Management

Health & safety in the workplace is everyone’s responsibility, and having workers involved in the process of maintaining your workplace health & safety is vital to success. Safety meetings are one of the most effective ways to maintain the two-way communication required to establish your workplace safety culture, so tracking these meetings becomes important to your business. Not only is worker involvement an important factor in the success of workplace safety programs, it is also a legal requirement in many jurisdictions.

Finding the right way to properly monitor, maintain and report on your safety meetings is a crucial step to making these meetings effective and efficient. Maintaining good records of who needs to attend, what topics were discussed and what decisions were made is essential for all employees to know that their concerns are being addressed.

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A better way to control your safety meetings

Effivity gives you a better way to monitor and maintain your safety meeting schedule and reporting. With full access to the proper stakeholders you will be able to better identify and address the concerns that the safety meetings are organized to address.

Use the safety meeting software within Effivity to improve your safety meetings by:

  • Developing a schedule to better maintain safety meeting frequency
  • Tracking required attendees and meeting attendance
  • Reporting on safety meetings in a centralized way
  • Assigning and monitoring safety meeting tasks to completion
  • Maintaining safety meeting records for audit readiness
  • Distributing safety meeting records in an accurate and systematic fashion
  • Ensuring compliance to legal requirements and international standards

With the safety meeting management software within Effivity you can rest assured that your safety meetings are routinely monitored for completeness, and you can tell in one easy view the status of all safety meeting actions. Maintain your audit records readiness easily, and in one location, with Effivity.

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