Vehicle Incidents Management

If your company includes a fleet of vehicles such as construction vehicles, delivery vans or trucks, then you’ll need to monitor vehicle incidents to ensure not only the health and safety of your employees but also others on the roadways. By tracking your vehicle incidents, you can work to prevent future incidents by applying corrective action to the root cause of the problems, thus avoiding costly problems in the future.

Since vehicle incidents vary depending on many factors such as vehicle usage and maintenance activities, it is important to track your incidents along with these other factors. You will be able to find correlations that may exist to capitalize on improvements in these areas to prevent vehicle incidents.

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Monitoring vehicle incidents and much more

Effivity allows you to track all of your vehicle activities together in order to better understand the causes of vehicle incidents which will allow you to better prevent them. Capturing all of the data surrounding a vehicle incident will allow for better root cause investigation and corrective action planning.

Effivity gives you a better way to monitor and reduce your vehicle incidents by:

  • Identifying all vehicle incident data such as road conditions and weather information
  • Streamlining the insurance claim process for vehicle incidents
  • Fully controlling the investigation of incidents
  • Tracking corrective actions, investigations and task completion
  • Automating the calculation of vehicle incident rates
  • Simplifying the identification of potential improvement areas
  • Maintaining centralized control over vehicle data for easier investigation

Use Effivity to take the next step in vehicle incident investigation instead of merely reporting to your insurance. Find a way to prevent future incidents and increase the lifetime of your vehicle assets. Get started now with a free trial of My EasyISO.

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