Mar 04, 2017

7 benefits of using ISO software for your management system

If you are implementing an ISO management system, such as a quality management system (QMS), environmental management system (EMS), occupational health & safety management system (OH&SMS) or food safety management system (FSMS) you will find that there are a lot of processes and procedures that you need define and put in place to make your management system successful. While some companies have found a way to control the documentation needed to support these processes and procedures through a manual process which takes a lot of time and requires plenty of resources,  you should consider the benefits that can come with using a well-designed ISO software for supporting your management system.

1) All documentation is readily available everywhere

When implemented properly your ISO software becomes the one place to find all the information your employees need to do their jobs, and when they do this it becomes easy for them to find what they need. There will be no searching in a controlled book or on a network drive for the right document to perform he task at hand; they will have it readily available when and where they need it.

2) Rolling out changes is easy

When using your ISO software becomes second nature for your employees, so that this becomes the first place they look when they need information, you can better ensure that they have the most up to date information right away. You will not need to worry about the delay in updating books or network drives, or the mistakes of an out of date document being left where it can be mistakenly accessed. The information people need is always up to date.

3) Collecting records becomes simple

When records are collected in the same place as the documentation is accessed it becomes much easier for employees to accurately record the information you need to demonstrate that the job was done as required. There is no worry that records are lost before filing or misplaced in the wrong file. To get an idea of how MyEasyISO works for records collection why not contact our representatives for a demonstration.

4) Records are always up to date

Along with not worrying about your records being misplaced, you also have assurance that your records are up to date the minute they are entered. When you review your management system you do not need to worry that you might be missing some records that are not yet collected, they are all available in real time as they are created and you need them.

5) Reports are easy, up to date, and accurate

One great benefit of your records being easily timely and in one place is that you can easily run reports on all of your data quickly and simply. These reports are more accurate because you will have all the records, and more up to date because the records are immediately accessible once created. This can be incredibly important if your reports include compliance reports that need to be submitted to meet your environmental or health & safety legal compliance obligations. There will be no need to hunt through all of your data to find the right information to create a report as it will be at your fingertips, and if you use a software package like MyEasyISO there are even be many common reports already created that you can start from for your review.

6) Management review preparation is quicker

When your management system reports are easy to create, they become quicker and easier for your management to review to ensure resources are properly assigned and that your management system is effective and efficient. With less time taken to create your management review material you can dedicate more time to actually reviewing the material to find better improvement opportunities that will make your management system better and find further saving for your company.

7) Resources to maintain your management system are reduced

When you look at the overall costs you will find that it is cheaper to maintain your management system if you are using ISO software than if you are trying to maintain all of the required elements manually within your organization. The costs of keeping everything up to date, accurate and organized can become high when you are trying to do so simply with manually updated documents and records and simple network drive access to information.

What other benefits will you find?

Along with these benefits you can easily find further benefits for your individual company as you look into how an ISO software implementation can help you. If you are implementing more than one management system, as many companies do, you will find that this can be easier if all your integrated information is maintained together. If you have difficulty understanding complex processes such as corrective action, then standard software implementation can help you work through implementing these procedures. Look closely and you will find that using ISO software for your management system can be one of the best things you could do to improve your management system and work towards continual improvement for your company.


Why not access your free trial of MyEasyISO today to find out how the benefit of an ISO software package can work for you?

Kaushal Sutaria

Managing Director at Effivity Technologies
Kaushal Sutaria is an expert in strategic business management and an entrepreneur behind three global companies. His latest venture, Effivity Technologies, simplifies ISO standard compliance with innovative automation. Kaushal's dedication to best practices and mentorship has earned him clients in over 50 countries.

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