starting a project to implement ohsas 18001

Controlling the challenges will help you keep momentum towards the objective of implementing OHSAS 18001 and keep the project on time and within budget.

incident investigation the ohsas 18001 way

When incidents relating to occupational health & safety happen, OHSAS 18001 has specific requirements about the actions that should be taken.

ohsas 18001 legal requirements

When the legal requirements have all been met and the desired changes have been achieved, your organization will be deemed compliant.

how does ohsas 18001 benefit your business

Read this blog to know how OHSAS 18001 can benefit your business. OHSAS 18001 has any benefits.

using a process approach to implement ohsas 18001

A fundamental principle that appears in virtually all the standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 14k, and ISO 27k, is the process approach.

using a process approach to implement ohsas 18001 2

Check out the implementation of OHSAS 18001 using a process approach and check its benefits.

communication requirements in ohsas 18001

Communication, participation, and consultation are dealt with in OHSAS 18001.Communication is equally important to ensure overall performance.

writing an ohs policy

The actual OH&S Policy for an organization will differ widely depending on the exact nature of the business, some general guidelines

How to use the PDCA cycle with OHSAS 18001

Explore how the PDCA Cycle enhances OHSAS 18001 for improved workplace safety and continuous health management effectiveness.

we will help you put safety first

Managing safety and health risks should be a high priority for every organization, even those who operate in a low-risk environment.