Apr 15, 2024

Minimise your Food Safety Risks During These Pandemic Times

Minimise your Food Safety Risks During These Pandemic Times

Get complete visibility into food safety processes and ensure quality control to minimise risks during pandemic.

If there’s one thing that the global pandemic taught us, it was to prioritise our safety in all aspects, and food businesses are no different. From following good hygiene practices to identifying potential risks and ensuring quality control, companies in the food business need to stay one step ahead to minimise food safety risks and maintain compliance.

In such trying times in the midst of a global pandemic, it has become important for businesses to adopt an automated food safety and management system to ensure the highest level of food safety and support business growth.

This is where Effivity food safety management software emerges as a comprehensive digital solution to streamline your safety processes. The food safety management HACCP software provides an integrated, customisable, secure, and holistic platform for HACCP and FSMS automation.

Let’s understand what the Effivity food safety and management system has to offer and how it can help you minimise food hazards during the pandemic.

What is Food Safety and Management System Software?

A food safety and management system software for restaurants is a digital solution that automates the process of managing food safety and quality control to ensure that the food meets quality standards. The software brings together people, processes, and paperwork involved in food safety management and allows businesses to maintain compliance with international safety and regulatory standards.

The software is typically implemented in food industry businesses such as agriculture, food manufacturing, restaurants, transportation, and more.

For restaurant industry businesses, food safety management software is critical in meeting industry standards, including-

  • Hazards Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) System:

    This is an industry-specific hazard assessment tool that helps businesses prevent biological, physical, and chemical food hazards and ensures the highest food safety.

  • ISO 22000:

    It is a food safety standard that focuses on business processes and structures to ensure food safety based on HACCP guidelines.

Effivity Food Safety Management Software

Effivity’s food safety management system software is a cloud-based solution that lets you manage, control, and implement food safety protocols within your organisation. With a simple and workflow-driven interface, the software unifies communication, hazard control, regulatory obligations, and processes to ensure compliance management and corporate governance within the organisations.

Effivity Food Safety Management Software Modules

Effivity’s FSMS software covers a range of customizable modules that an organisation requires to implement, certify, and manage an efficient food safety management system that meets the ever-changing compliance and business needs.

Here’s an overview of the key modules-

  • FSMS Planning

    With this module, businesses can streamline FSMS quality planning by defining the characteristics of raw materials, product contact materials, ingredients, and finished products. It also allows your business to appoint an FSMS team and leader to oversee the process and create a process flow diagram to identify hazards.

  • FSMS Hazard Control

    Managing aspects of hazard control is easy with Effivity. You can define food safety hazards identified in the previous step and conduct a hazard assessment to determine the possibility, potential severity, and frequency of potential hazards. It further allows you to record and implement an Operational Prerequisite Program (OPRP) to control and measure risk assessment.

  • PRP Management

    Organisations can implement Prerequisite Programs to effectively identify and prevent the risk of food safety hazards in their products, processes, and environment through PRP Master/Planning.

  • CCP Management

    Effectively manage critical control points by defining limits, CCP deviation, and monitoring activities. Businesses can plan verification and validation activities, manage documentation related to CCP, and capture data to ensure data-driven decision-making.

  • Recall Management

    Even with proper food safety management systems and protocols in place, organisations need to be ready to tackle any recalls arising due to safety issues. This module helps measure and manage your organisation’s preparedness in instances of product recall or withdrawal.

  • OPRP Management

    For your Operational Prerequisite Programs, Effivity lets you define action criteria, plan and monitor verification and validation activities, and outline the OPRP deviation plan. Capture real-time data and manage documentation for various OPRP activities.

  • Management Review

    The management review module allows decision-makers to get an overview of food safety standards and management systems. Check for the suitability and effectiveness of your programs and determine if they align with your business strategies.

  • Internal Audit

    A stringent audit policy is essential for maintaining regulatory compliance. With the internal audit module, you can define audit checklists, manage documentation, and ensure highest compliance with industry standards.

Benefits of Implementing Food Safety Compliance Software

Benefits of implementing Food Safety and Management Software

1. Regulatory compliance

Food safety regulations are stringent and constantly evolving. Effivity’s robust software system streamlines all the requirements of ISO 22000:2018, helping businesses stay compliant with international food safety regulations, including ISO 9001. With access to detailed documentation related to control processes, hazard management, and OPRP management, the software lets you be audit-ready, reducing the risk of non-compliance.

2. Save costs

By minimising risks related to food safety, improving efficiency, reducing recalls, and ensuring compliance, businesses can significantly save costs.

3. Improve business image

Food safety incidents can have a severe impact on a business’s reputation and lead to a loss of customer trust. By demonstrating a commitment to food safety by implementing robust food safety and management system software, businesses can gain customer confidence, build brand loyalty, reinforce stakeholders’ confidence in their products, and enjoy a competitive advantage in the market.

4. Manage risks

Identifying and mitigating risks is essential in the food industry to prevent food safety issues such as contamination, spoilage, or supply chain disruptions. With an automated software solution, organisations can carry out risk assessment, implement control processes, and ensure proactive monitoring, minimising risks and improving operational efficiency.

5. Enhance quality control

With its monitoring capabilities, real-time data collection, and real-time alerts in case of deviations from standards, food safety management software helps ensure consistent product quality. This leads to reduced safety issues, customer complaints, and product recalls, ultimately enhancing brand reputation and customer satisfaction.

Explore Effivity’s FSMS Software

Effivity brings you a powerful solution to benchmark your FSMS with the best practices in food safety, quality control, and compliance management. By centralising documentation, standardising processes, and streamlining communication, food safety, and management software improves inventory control, prevents food safety risks, and helps maximise business efficiency.


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