Jul 07, 2022

US Chemical Giant, Joins Forces with Effivity to Enhance QMS & HSE Compliance

World leader in designing, developing and manufacturing acrylic-based products which boasts sales and distribution capabilities across EMEA, The Americas and the Asia Pacific and is widely recognised as the driving force behind some of the world’s best known branded acrylic products.

With 22 plants and 14 manufacturing sites strategically located across the globe, US Chemical Giant has one of the most diverse asset portfolios within the industry. The company employs over 2000 individuals across more than 100 countries and truly deserves the Global Giant title.

Supplying acrylic-based products to domestic and commercial clients in all corners of the world, US Chemical Giant is at the forefront of innovation, and its R&D team quickly responds to new technologies and opportunities. The company is a pioneer in creating sustainable solutions to meet the increased demand for cleaner, greener products that reflect quality while protecting the planet’s future.

As part of its commitment to deliver continued excellence in manufacturing standards and customer experience, US Chemical Giant introduced advanced QHSE Software. It focused on user interface simplicity, ease of customization without employing code, and quick implementation and scalability. After evaluating several options, US Chemical Giant identified Effivity as the most cost-effective, flexible, customizable, and scalable QHSE solution available.

Effivity offers a comprehensive set of pre-configured QMS/HSE/FSMS/ISMS modules based on ISO Standards. In addition to the pre-configured modules, the Software is 100% customizable. Users can customize forms, workflows, notifications, reports, print templates and dashboards to fit personal and industry-specific requirements. In addition, the automation of reminders can be easily enabled for necessary task follow-ups. This ensures that the Effivity environment is user-friendly at all stages.

The Effivity team supported and assisted US Chemical Giant through the implementation process and post-implementation as well like the following:

File Search:   As part of theDocumented Information Module, system lets the users to upload supporting files. US Chemical Giant wanted a feature where the users can search the contents of the files not just the meta-data present in the screen in the form of Fields. To cater to this requirement, Effivity developed ‘File Search’ feature. As part of this, a search engine examines all the words in every stored document, as it tries to match the search criteria. It allows customers to locate the relevant documents effortlessly with a simple search term. Customers can preview the document and the accompanying record as well.

Reassign Task: If an employee is on leave, takes a vacation or resigns from their position at the company, their workload can be easily reallocated to another active employee. This ensures a seamless transition and prevents delays.

Data Import: Effivity assessed the volume and variety of existing data and suggested the most suitable method of uploading it onto the new system. This process was carried out using the Data Import feature. Hence, the account set-up time was reduced, and US Chemical Giant hit the ground running with their new software solution.

Landing Page:  Effivity contains many modules and screens. The default behaviour of the system is to open the Dashboard screen after login. There are many users for whom Dashboard is not the most relevant screen. In some cases, users wanted to see the Documents screen instead of Dashboard as the default page. For this purpose, Effivity developed the Landing Page feature, where the user can decide and configure the system to open the configured page directly after login.

Favorites: There are instances where the user has to drill down 3 or 4 levels before reaching to a particular module in the Menu or a particular record in any module. To minimize these clicks, Effivity developed Favorites feature where the user can add the most used screen or record to their Favorites list and with a single click they can be redirected there.

Documents Management System: The Document Management module of Effivity acts as central document repository of the customers and ensures they meet the various requirements specific to documented information across the standards in an effective and efficient manner. Suitable access control measure were implemented to ensure documents can be accessed by authorized users only from anywhere in the world.

Documents “Due” Workflow: Documents due workflow refers to revising documents within an organization. Documents contain an attribute by name “Revision Date”, which indicates the date on which document needs to go through Revision. This is a mandatory action that needs to be performed to make sure documents are not getting outdated. This process of revision should be automated so that users don’t miss out on revising the documents on time. If the document revision is missed, this could lead to an NC. So, every organization should take this in a serious way. To automate this process, Effivity created a dedicated workflow which includes several reminders to ensure full compliance.

Raw Material Workflow: The importance of raw materials in ensuring effective operations within a manufacturing organization cannot be stressed enough. The availability of raw materials in the correct quantity will determine, to a reasonable extent, quality, and quantity of the output. Therefore, team Effivity designed Raw Material Workflow as per US Chemical Giant requirements to achieve an efficient outcome.

Document Change Request: For continual improvement and ensuring the organization keeps pace with the market dynamics, changes are identified and executed. It is vital that the changes are executed in a controlled manner. Managing your changes ensures that improvements are properly implemented and sustained rather than being missed due to poor communication and lack of planning. DCR (Document Change Request) will improve the processes by ensuring that change information is available where needed and in maintaining obsolete information for security & audit reasons.

For a free demo and to gain a competitive advantage through performance efficiency, sustainability, and continuous compliance and improvement, contact our expert QHSE consultants at info@effivity.com.

Visit www.effivity.com or email your queries to info@effivity.com

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Dhinesh Balaji

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