The ISO 9001 certification full form is the International Organization for Standardization’s 9001 standard for Quality Management Systems

Using the ISO 9001 certification full form is cumbersome and the ISO 9001 standard for Quality Management Systems rolls off the tongue much easier.

Whether you refer to the ISO 9001 certification full form or its more commonly used abbreviation, Effivity software makes it easy to implement an ISO 9001 QMS for your company.

Effivity software does not use fancy long terms or the complex language the ISO 9001 standard is written in, but focussed on letting you implement and maintain your ISO 9001 QMS as quickly and easily as possible.

Effivity software caters for everything that the standard requires and integrates seamlessly with your normal business processes so that you don’t need to run a quality system separately from your daily job.

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ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. ISO is the global standardization body which defines standards in a variety of fields. ISO 9001 is the most popular standard which has been developed by ISO. ISO 9001 is the standard for Quality Management systems of organizations. ISO 9001 is so very popular that when people say ‘ISO certification’, they actually mean ISO 9001 certification. ISO 9001 standard defines the requirements of Quality Management systems of the organizations which when complied to and verified by a certification body, qualifies the organization for ISO 9001 certification. It is important to note that ISO 9001 is a standard for Quality Management system and not the Quality of the product or service.

ISO certification exercise involves developing a Quality Management system, training the employees, deploying the defined system, performing internal audits, conducting Management review and getting audited by external auditors i.e. certification bodies for award of certification. Earlier, these activities used to be performed manually and hence would take long time and effort apart from the cost involved in paying the Quality Management system consultants and the man hours spent by the employees. Nowadays, readymade Quality Management system software is available which automate most of the above mentioned activities hence deriving considerable time and cost advantage. These software packages bring a readymade Quality Management system to the organization and automate the workflows and QMS activities, thus ensuring compliance to the Quality Management system. Hence, these packages make the ISO certification journey of organization simple, easy and quick.

Use Effivity to use the ISO 9001 certification full form’s requirements in your company starting today. No need to design forms and records – it’s all there ready for you to use!

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Effivity is popular and widely used Quality management system software. Effivity is a web based system that runs on cloud. The Quality management system is hosted centrally and can be accessed anytime, anywhere across the organization. Having been developed by mature and seasoned Quality management system professionals, Effivity ensures 100% compliance to the ISO 9001 standard, hence drives away your compliance worries. Effivity is compliant to the latest version of ISO 9001 i.e. ISO 9001:2015. The modules of ISO replicate the requirements of ISO 9001 in an easy, usable and simple form across the organization. The modules of Effivity are intuitive and self learnable and hence makes the ISO certification journey of your organization quick and easy.

By using Effivity, your organization gains significant time advantage across almost all the phases of the ISO certification journey, namely, Quality Management system definition, QMS training, deployment, Internal Audit, Management reviews. Effivity is suitable for any industry type and organization size (small, medium, large). Effivity comes with a competent, responsive and ever helpful support team who are there to make your ISO certification journey hassle-free. The user interface and the alignment of modules ensure that your organization automatically complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 just by following the predefined workflows of these modules. Hence, your compliance burden is nullified. Also, the Internal Audit and Management review modules of Effivity prepares you for the final certification audit by ensuring that the relevant activities are performed and records are maintained.