Oct 09, 2017

We Will Help You Put Safety First

Managing safety and health risks should be a high priority for every organization, even those who operate in a low-risk environment such as offices.

Apart from having to comply with legislative requirements, organizations everywhere are working towards safer environments where workers can do their jobs safely and efficiently, and afterward, get home to their families safely.

The MyEasyISO system makes it easy for organizations to focus their efforts and time on effective procedures and processes as defined in the OHSAS 18001:2007 standard. This focus will allow them to implement and maintain occupational health and safety systems to help them increase awareness and employee involvement, manage risk, and enhance their reputation as a leader in their industry positively.

To be Sustainable you have to protect your workers

Organizations have to balance the three-way bottom line of profit, people and planet to achieve long-term viability and success, i.e. to become sustainable. Organizations cannot be sustainable if they don’t protect the health, safety, and welfare of their most critical resource – employees. Sustainability is not simply about what you do, but also about how you do it. This mindset requires leadership that will not settle for second best in any part of operations and will set and achieve goals beyond what regulatory compliance requires.

Organizations of all sizes around the world have embraced this mindset as a way to measure impacts and outcomes, highlight their values and increase their competitive advantage. Workplace health and safety is however often undervalued or ignored completely. Incorporating health and safety into sustainability offers an opportunity to protect workers better and realize a truly sustainable organization.

Integrating multiple quality systems and let quality drive your progress

The requirements of OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 14001 environmental management systems and ISO 9001 quality management systems and can all be integrated into one system. This helps decrease audit time, as sections common to all standard will be captured and audited only once. This will leave the organization more time to focus on continually improving their systems.

Another huge advantage of this approach is that the organization’s goals, objectives, purpose and strategic direction can be supported on multiple levels by implementing the various quality standards. Rather than having to try to manage different systems as an add-on to the organization, MyEasyISO allows you to integrate quality into your organization in such a way that it becomes a driver towards sustainability, rather than being treated as a necessary evil.

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