Mar 04, 2017

Why you must move from a manually managed ISO system to a paperless automated ISO QHSE management system

Many companies still use the decades old paper based manual system which results in a complicated, difficult to manage, rigid, time consuming and unproductive management system. This defeats the vary purpose of implementation of an ISO management system – being more lean, improving processes, achieving customer satisfaction & managing risks effectively.

Whether you are only implementing one management system, such as a quality management system (QMS), Environmental management system (EMS), Occupational health & safety management system (OH&SMS) or an integrated QHSE management system; the complexity increases and maintenance can become difficult if you are relying on a strictly manual system to maintain your documentation and records for addressing various requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 or ISO 22000 FSMS etc.

Here are some reasons to consider using an ISO software as an improved way to manage and maintain the management system you implemented using a manual documentation approach or you intend to implement or are in the process of implementation:

Documentation change becomes easier

When employees are searching for their process documentation in a book or even on a shared drive it can become difficult to ensure that they have the most up to date version at their fingertips when they need it. This can even lead to individuals having uncontrolled copies of documentation that are out of date and obsolete at their workstation for use in your processes. When you maintain your documentation in an ISO software you can be certain that employees only have access to the latest version, and any changes become instantly available after approval without having to manually update binders or shared drives.

Processes flow more smoothly

Some management system processes, such as corrective action and improvements, can be difficult for many employees to understand and work through; especially if they are not routinely involved in these processes. By using ISO software, you will have a tool that will help employees work through these unfamiliar processes in an easy to understand and universally accepted method that works. By using ISO software to guide your employees in these processes you do not need to worry that they are not all experts in management system processes. For a demonstration on these standard processes and how they work call the experts at MyEasyISO. Environment Management System Software ensures you implement a robust, environment centric, sustainability oriented & life cycle driven ISO 14001:2015 system with the best EMS software.


Records are easily saved and retrieved

With any management system, you will want to keep records of your activities to ensure that tasks were completed, properly done, and you can show that this occurred when necessary. With a manual system, there is a delay from the time of record creation to record storage for retrieval, and in this delay, there is even the chance of record loss or misfiling. By implementing a software controlled system your records are immediately recorded and archived in the system, and become instantly accessible for management review and action if necessary. Health Safety Management System Software ensures you implement a robust, work place safety centric,  employee oriented & risk driven ISO 45001 or OHSAS 18001:2007 system with the best health-safety software.


Reports are accurate and timely

When records are manually recorded and stored it can be troublesome and time-consuming to access and analyze this information for management to review and react to when necessary. When you use ISO software you can easily analyze the most up to date information to identify trends and problems early for correction; and when you are looking for improvement opportunities in your records data these can be much more easily assessed with up to date information. Your improvements will not only be more timely, but you will be able to have greater gains from your improvements as they can be created using better data and implemented earlier. Better improvements mean saving in time and money for you.

You can also access many standard reports that are used in many different companies as a place to start; why not check out what is available in MyEasyISO today.

ISO maintenance resources are reduced

Maintaining an ISO management system is not automatic, and resources are required to ensure that your management system is adequately maintained in an effective and efficient manner that will allow for improvements. When you are using a manual system for the maintenance there is a lot of manpower required to ensure that the system remains up to date, and these resources are reduced when you use ISO software to help you do the job. If you look at it closely the overall cost of resources will be reduced saving you money. Quality Management System Software ensures you implement a robust, customer centric, performance oriented & process driven ISO 9001:2015 system with the best QMS software.


There can be many worries with maintaining a manual ISO system, and these can be largely reduced or eliminated by the use of ISO software in your company. By reducing your worries and resources you can dedicate these resources towards achieving the benefits you wanted when you implemented your ISO management system through better process implementation and improvements of your company processes. Why not find out more about how using ISO software can help you?

Access a free trial of our ISO software at today to see ISO 9001 software, ISO 14001 software, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000 software in action..


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