Oct 18, 2018

Nigeria – based consultancy company achieves faster turnaround while assuring Quality Management with Effivity

One of the fastest growing consultancy company based in Nigeria provides engineering and advisory services to clients in the oil and gas industry. Like many small-scale companies, this consultancy company wants to stay ahead of the competition in their sector and requires a solution to meet ISO regulation along with improving their services to keep the customer satisfied for the long-term approach.

The company’s selection criteria when searching for the right solution include:

  • Meet 100% requirement of ISO standard
  • ISO Training and Implementation support
  • Flexibility and ease of usage
  • License cost

Their need brings them to Effivity , which provides a configurable solution to meet all the ISO standard and many compliance requirements. Effivity helps the organization to map out the process and can effortlessly see what’s going on in the organization at any time. It enables the organization to capture, track and maintain all the records through a centralized database.

Effivity’s customer management module has an ability to track and monitor customer issues, complaints/feedback and maintain their records. It helps in managing complaint resolution planning, correction, root cause analysis, corrective actions and effective evaluation of the corrective actions for various complaints.

With Effivity, managing the operational processes in a web-based solution enable the company  to streamline their operations in line with quality compliance and economic challenges. Effivity system allows the organization to be able to rapidly react to changing business needs as well as customer needs.

Effivity helped many organizations to achieve many operational goals including:

  • Faster turnaround on the return of investments
  • Eliminating parallel work
  • Saving cost and time
  • Significant improvement in response and closure of customer issues
  • Signification reduction of non-conformance
  • Keeps the system always audit-ready by meetings all the requirement

Effivity experts and consultants provide a complete guide to all the employees in the organization for effective onboarding support and implementation support to enable users to use the system and helps them get certified by the best of the certification bodies. Effivity’s affordable pricing, intuitive ability, the robust reporting capabilities and 24/7 support from QHSE experts sets this solution apart from other software solution vendors in the market.

About Effivity

Effivity is a comprehensive ISO QHSE software to implement and manage ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO  45001 and ISO 22000 standards effectively. Its competitive, practical and user-friendly solution makes the ISO compliance value adding, fast and simple.

It is recognized as one of the best quality management software solutions in numerous independent surveys and reviews covering customer satisfaction, simplicity, ease of deployment, comprehensive coverage of various requirements, support, value for money etc.

With more than 4000 clients across the world, Effivity is gaining fast popularity in the market and has helped clients across all industries by improving business performance, implementing, certifying and maintaining ISO standards.

Wondering how Effivity can help with successful ISO implementation and certification? Contact us or Visit our website for a free consultation with one of our experts.


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Effivity is a leading QMS software for Quality Management System automation as per ISO 9001 standard, HSE software for Health – Safety - Environment Management System as per ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 standards and FSMS – HACCP software for food safety management system automation as per ISO 22000 / FSSC 22000 standards.