Apr 25, 2018

Pennsylvania Based Service Provider Automates Quality and Compliance with Effivity QHSE Software

One of the leading provider of high quality, engineering-grade services to the tool and die industry located in Pennsylvania, United States offer a wide range of technical services to support customer’s needs like Metallurgical Laboratory, Tool Design and Build Capabilities, Repair Development Centre (RDC) and more.

The primary challenge faced by service provider was finding a cost-effective solution to manage the quality and compliance processes. They were also looking for a flexible software solution that would provide risk-based performance monitoring and support their development of the organization. Their search led them to Effivity QHSE software. Effivity is a customer most preferred software with strong role-based access, ease of use, improve overall operations and allowing organizations to identify risk and track non-conformances and to ensure all actions taken and managed adequately.

It provides greater visibility into management processes through interactive dashboards and ensures effective tracking of key performance indicators (KPI). Using Effivity , one can identify various risk from all macro-level business process and maintain centralized control over risk and opportunity information

This powerful solution help organizations to benchmark the ISO compliance with the best practices modules and improve collaboration throughout the organization.

“Effivity helps all industry sectors to implement, certify, maintain and enhance their QHSE management system. Our unlimited Effivity support and on boarding training to our clients help them to become competent in using Effivity as quickly as possible’’ said Kaushal Sutaria, Senior Manager of Effivity Technologies.

About Effivity

Effivity is a versatile and a powerful QHSE software solution designed to meet recognized global standards such as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 17025, ISO 13485, ISO 22000 and many others.

It offers various subscription packages to suit operational needs of various organizations and is attractively priced with plans starting from as low as $ 19 per month. It is chosen as customer’s first choice QHSE software because of its simple, easy, time saving and audit-ready system. Effivity has an exceptional support team to handhold and assist customers at every step and make sure that they implement, achieve and maintain ISO certification in the most productive manner.

Effivity offers you a free one month trial with no obligations so get yourself a complimentary subscription of Effivity now by visiting www.Effivity.com

Sree Vidhya

CRM Specialist At Effivity
Sree has over 7+ years of experience. She excels in building strong client relationships and ensuring customer satisfaction. Sree's expertise and dedication help drive Effivity's commitment to exceptional customer service.

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Effivity is a leading QMS software for Quality Management System automation as per ISO 9001 standard, HSE software for Health – Safety - Environment Management System as per ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 standards and FSMS – HACCP software for food safety management system automation as per ISO 22000 / FSSC 22000 standards.