The ISO 9001 full form is the International Organization for Standardization’s 9001 standard for Quality Management Systems

Using the ISO 9001 full form is cumbersome and the ISO 9001 standard for Quality Management Systems rolls off the tongue much easier.

Whether you refer to the ISO 9001 full form or its more commonly used abbreviation, Effivity software makes it easy to implement an ISO 9001 QMS for your company.

Effivity software does not use fancy long terms or the complex language the ISO 9001 standard is written in, but focussed on letting you implement and maintain your ISO 9001 QMS as quickly and easily as possible.

Effivity software caters for everything that the standard requires and integrates seamlessly with your normal business processes so that you don’t need to run a quality system separately from your daily job.

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ISO refers to International Organization for Standardization, which is an independent international organization that develops standards. ISO 9001 is one of the standards developed by ISO. ISO 9001 pertains to Quality Management systems and is very popular across the world. Organizations across the globe get their Quality Management systems certified to ISO 9001 not only for improving their Quality Management processes but also for increasing their brand image. ISO 9001 prescribes requirements for Quality Management systems of the organization which when deployed increases the customer satisfaction levels and also improves the overall operating efficiency of the organization. The fundamental philosophy behind the ISO 9001 standard is the systems approach and the principles of quality. ISO 9001:2015 is the latest version of the ISO 9001 standard.

Organizations intending to get their Quality Management system certified to ISO 9001 were earlier, hiring consultants, preparing documents, and deploying them across the organizations. The conventional way of implementing ISO 9001 consumes high time, effort and cost. Moreover, it becomes a boring and tiring exercise for the entire organization and is typically considered as an overhead, which needs to be performed over and above the regular activities. Thanks to the evolution of software packages that automate the entire certification processes, the ISO 9001 certification journey has now become an exciting and easy exercise for organizations. Apart from automating the basic requirements of ISO 9001, these software packages provide an easy to use and exciting experience through their institutive user interface and robust framework.

Use Effivity to use the ISO 9001 full form’s requirements in your company starting today. No need to design forms and records – it’s all there ready for you to use!

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Effivity is a widely renowned and popular software package that automates the entire ISO 9001 certification and deployment processes. The entire set of requirements of ISO 9001 is diligently built into the package which makes your ISO 9001 journey fast, easy and simple. Effivity helps you across all phases of the ISO 9001 journey, namely, Training/awareness, QMS design and deployment, internal audit and Management Review. Having been built by quality management professionals with strong expertise in ISO 9001, Effivity brings with itself the essence of ISO 9001 that is translated for usage in day to day operations of your organization. Effivity address all the requirements of ISO 9001 namely Context of the organization, Risks and Opportunities, Internal audit, Management Review, Design, HR, Operations, Non Conformance and Purchase. Effivity provides you the authentic representation of the ISO 9001 requirements, which are translated to suit any type, size of organization.

The dashboard representations in Effivity facilitate a live view of various Quality Management processes in your organization, thus enabling effective deployment of Quality Management system across the organization. The ultimate advantage of Effivity comes from the fact that it integrates the deployment of Quality Management system processes into the day today business operations, thus enabling to derive maximum benefit of ISO 9001 implementation. Also, Effivity serves as a one point repository for all documentation requirements of ISO 9001. Moreover, Effivity serves as an enabling platform with easy to use functionalities and intuitive user interface that transforms your ISO 9001 journey into an exciting and interesting experience.