The difference between monitoring and measurement in ISO 9001 is that monitoring is used to observe something closely so that you can record or detect, while measurement is used to determine the actual characteristics of something (e.g. sizes, volume, etc.)

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A big part of ISO 9001 deals with monitoring and measurement and this makes sense. ISO 9001 is founded on a major principles of any decent quality management system, which is decision making based on evidence.

The most important use for data gathered is to look at the actual result of a process, then compare this data to the intended result that was defined in the quality objective for the process. This will clearly show you how the improvement is going.

Effivity’s monitoring and measurement module allows you to easily capture the difference between monitoring and measurement in ISO 9001. These are then compared to the acceptable process parameters that have been defined, allowing you to instantly define anomalies. Once you have identified potential problems, these are moved over to the Corrective Action module which will allow you to define, monitor and control whether the corrective actions implemented have prevented the problem from occurring again.

Use Effivity’s difference between monitoring and measurement in ISO 9001 to ensure that you can correct any process errors fast and efficiently.

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